Amy Schumer's Dog Stripper sketch debuts |


Amy Schumer strips for dogs in new sketch

(Comedy Central)

Some people spoil their dogs with treats and fancy food. Others throw their pets a bachelor party complete with (human) strippers?

In a sketch from Tuesday’s Inside Amy Schumer, Amy Schumer shows up to her first stripping gig, only to find a pack of dogs patiently awaiting her performance. Her co-stripper isn’t fazed and immediately starts dancing, but Schumer—who’s just doing it because she needs money for a new printer—is hesitant. “What the f–k, okay,” she whispers to herself before she gets started. “This sucks, this is bad for my self-esteem,” she cries at one point (right before a poodle paws her boob).

The situation gets even worse once the bride shows up… and turns out to have a gun. But spoiler: Schumer ends up getting her printer anyway. Watch below.

Inside Amy Schumer airs Tuesdays on Comedy Central at 10:30 p.m.