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Samantha Highfill
June 02, 2015 AT 06:35 PM EDT

Last night’s Bachelorette was packed full of angry men, naked men, scared men, embarrassed men, and in JJ and Clint’s case, villainous men. Thankfully, Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe breaks down the entire evening in her People blog, where she calls out Kupah for his interest in Britt and reveals that she never actually told the guys that the kids in the sex ed class were actors. 

“Discussing sex in front of 11-year-olds and the girl you’re dating is not easy,” she writes of the date. “They couldn’t even air half of the questions that were being asked. Poor ABC probably didn’t know what to do with themselves! I am laughing out loud right now thinking about all those things the kids said! And I never told the guys those kids were actors. I was going to, but it was just too good to keep it to myself. If you guys are reading this … GOTCHA!”

But most importantly, Kaitlyn dishes on the JJ-Clint bromance. “It’s crazy how much I didn’t see. I just wish Clint could have treated me like he treated JJ,” she writes. “Speaking of Clint, that night at the cocktail party, his name kept coming up. I appreciated the guys’ honesty. You could tell they didn’t want to be throwing anyone under the bus and that they were genuinely just looking out for me. I was so confused because I had seen this sweet, nice side of Clint that I was really attracted to. But when I heard stories and heard how the guys felt, it pissed me off. I had to do something about it.” 

For more, head over to People.

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