Albert Hammond, Jr. releases new track, 'Losing Touch' |


Albert Hammond, Jr. releases new track, 'Losing Touch'

(Chris McKay/Getty Images)

Born Slippy,” the first track Albert Hammond, Jr. released off his upcoming Momentary Masters, sounded straight off the Strokes’ Angles—but the album’s just-released second song, “Losing Touch,” is classic Strokes (and, as a result, Hammond), complete with a chorus heavy on the vocal distortion.

The Strokes’ guitarist shows off his skills in the song, which sounds like both a flashback to early 2000s Jimmy Eat World-style rock and an expansion of any Strokes guitar riff he’s ever performed—both good things.

Momentary Masters will be Hammond’s third solo album, following 2006’s Yours to Keep and 2008’s ¿Cómo Te Llama?. It arrives July 31.