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June 03, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Not even Winnie the Pooh on a hunny bender could match the plush, pantsless misbehavior of Ted. The bong-clearing, beer-swilling Boston baked bear is back (along with his human companion Mark Wahlberg) in Ted 2, which hits theaters June 25. Director Seth MacFarlane hopes to replicate the success of his debut movie, which ended up one of the highest-grossing R-rated comedies of all time. “I really do think that it’s just as simple as cute, fuzzy things behaving badly is appealing to all ­audiences,” MacFarlane says. “There’s something inherently funny about that… something that looks small and adorable behaving in an inappropriate fashion.” 

There is something inherently funny about a cute, fuzzy bear behaving inappropriately. Look no further than the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly, which features Ted striking the pose Kim Kardashian West made famous in her Paper Magazine pictorial. 

Ted‘s $549.4 million worldwide take pretty much guaranteed Universal would be looking for a sequel. “The trap that you fall into with a comedy sequel is that you’re making the same movie two times,” MacFarlane says. “We wanted to make sure this story was completely new.” In Ted 2, Ted takes to the courts to prove his legal personhood so he can be a father with his new wife, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth)—with best bud John Bennett (Wahlberg) once again serving as co-pilot for the lewdness-laden adventures.

While we were happy to talk to MacFarlane, we had the even better fortune to stage a sit-down with the star of the film himself, playing a game of 20 Questions with Ted. It’s a thoughtful, wide-ranging conversation that touches on topics as diverse and stimulating as Tom Brady’s balls and ursine defecation habits. (For those who can’t wait for the magazine: Yes, he has s— in the woods; he just prefers not to.)

Plus, Ted 2‘s promise of raunchy hilarity prompted us to cobble together our official list of the funniest and filthiest comedies of all time. Expect both violated pastry and all-natural hair gel.

For more on Ted 2, pick up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday. 

Illoura/Universal Pictures/Media Rights Capital

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