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Shirley Li
June 04, 2015 AT 03:13 PM EDT

While accepting the Trailblazer award Wednesday night at the 2015 Glamour Awards, Amy Schumer thanked Glamour magazine, poked fun at women’s magazines, and recounted hilarious anecdotes from her past.

“I’m not gonna apologize for who I am,” she said after telling a story about herself in college when she thought a guy had been calling her to hang out, but had no intention to do so. “I’m actually gonna love the skin I’m in and not feel like I’m striving for some other version of myself.”

The comedian, who previously wrote a sketch targeting women’s magazines for their increasingly ridiculous suggestions, pointed out that Glamour was the first magazine to ask her to smile in a photoshoot, instead of having her, as a female comic, pose with lewd props. Though most cheered her jokes, some in the room grew quiet when she began listing examples of absurd sex tips from other women’s magazines—something Schumer immediately picked up on and called out to even louder cheers from the audience. “Like, some of the guys are not even remotely smiling,” she said, looking around. “You know what, I don’t live here, I don’t care… It’s been so inspiring, I feel like I burned all the bridges possible.”

Watch her full speech below:

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