Devan Coggan
June 08, 2015 AT 03:43 PM EDT

Meryl Streep is fun to watch in just about anything, but she’s especially delightful as a high-kicking, guitar-wielding rock star in the new trailer for Ricki and the Flash.

Streep stars as singer/guitarist Ricki Rendazzo, who traded life with a husband (Kevin Kline) and kids (Sebastian Stan and Streep’s real-life daughter Mamie Gummer) to chase her dreams of rock-and-roll renown. When her daughter faces a divorce, Ricki returns home and tries to make things right with her estranged family. Rick Springfield also stars as a member of Ricki’s backing band (who happens to be in love with her).

Streep’s shown off her musical talent in past films like Mamma Mia and Into the Woods, but she practiced guitar intensely for six months in preparation for the role. “She loves, loves, loves to sing,” Gummer told EW in April. “Loves it more than almost anything. She in part did this so she’d have permission to sing—and I couldn’t tell her to shut up!”

Ricki and the Flash will hit theaters Aug. 7.

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