Jack Rowand/ABC
Natalie Abrams
June 09, 2015 AT 07:50 PM EDT

The Wicked Witch and Robin Hood are sticking around!

Rebecca Mader and Sean Maguire have both been promoted to series regulars for the upcoming fifth season of Once Upon a Time, EW has learned.

Lost alum Mader first appeared as Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) half-sister Zelena, also known as the green-toned Wicked Witch of the West, in season 3. British actor Maguire also joined the series in season 3 to replace Tom Ellis, who briefly appeared as Robin Hood in the second season.

Though it appeared that Rumple (Robert Carlyle) had killed Zelena ahead of the season 3 finale, she traveled back in time and took on the appearance of Robin Hood’s late wife Marian (Christie Laing) in order to rob Regina of her happiness by stealing and getting knocked up by her sister’s true love. Impending baby be darned, Robin and Regina seem on track for a happy ending—though this Once Upon a Time we’re talking about here. Anything can happen!

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC this fall.

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