Samantha Highfill
June 11, 2015 AT 10:13 PM EDT

Mad Max: Fury Road was just about the furthest thing from a romance but that didn’t stop stunt doubles Dane and Dayna Grant from falling in love during filming and tying the knot

In the film, Dane and Dayna served as stunt doubles for stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, and it was in their time beating the crap out of each other—and others—when they formed a bond. 

Sadly, we don’t know what their wedding was like, but that hasn’t stopped us from imagining what a Furiosa-approved wedding would look like.

We have a few ideas:

  1. First, it’s set in the desert. Naturally.
  2. The bridesmaid dresses look exactly like this.
  3. There is very little dialogue. Nearly the entire ceremony is performed through knowing glances and the occasional stunt.
  4. The groomsmen spray their mouths with antifreeze before walking the bridesmaids down the aisle.
  5. Once at the altar, the couple is raised on a platform to ridiculous heights.
  6. The bride and groom’s rings are tiny, custom-made steering wheels.
  7. Every guest at the wedding is branded with the appropriate wedding hashtag. (Too far?)
  8. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron show up. 
  9. At the reception, this guy is the DJ.
  10. Also, it’s a mobile reception. The entire thing takes place on the back of a huge truck that never stops moving. To leave, you have to jump. #sorrynotsorry
  11. Instead of blood bags, guests are hooked up to wine IVs to ensure maximum party enjoyment.
  12. The bride launches her bouquet out of a gun she leans on her husband’s shoulder to aim.
  13. If anyone misbehaves, they’re chained to the front of the truck for the remainder of the reception. (There’s a strict no-haters policy.)
  14. The reception ends with everyone grabbing a hose and spraying one another with water.
  15. Absolutely nobody gets their face ripped off.

But most importantly, when all is said and done, the women win.



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