Jonathon Dornbush
June 11, 2015 AT 04:31 PM EDT

Star Wars: Rogue One may focus on one of the biggest heists in a galaxy far, far away, but, as a new mashup shows, it may not be so different from a memorable heist on our own planet.

Synaptic Studios posted a Star Wars and Ocean’s Eleven mashup, using footage from the former with audio from the latter. The short film, which blends the two surprisingly well, casts Admiral Ackbar as Danny Ocean, giving the Mon Calamri a much more soothing voice during his new plan. Crix Madine takes on Brad Pitt’s Rusty Ryan. While the scene mostly involves the two of them talking, a few other Star Wars favorites take on roles from the Ocean‘s films, including an unexpected, but fitting, role for Han Solo.

Stay tuned to for more on Star Wars: Rogue One, though don’t expect the rebels to suddenly give up the Death Star plans for a seat at the blackjack table any time soon.

Correction: This post originally said the Star Wars footage was from A New Hope.

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