Devan Coggan
June 11, 2015 AT 03:01 PM EDT

Now all of us can be personally victimized by Regina George.

Pocket Gems has announced that it’s working on a choose-your-own-adventure mobile game based on Mean Girls. The game will use the same characters and settings from the 2004 movie with original plots and storylines shaped by the player’s choices. (Fingers crossed that Glen Coco makes an appearance.)  

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legally Blonde and 10 Things I Hate About You writer Kirsten Smith is working on the game’s storyline with Marcy Kelly. Pocket Gems also said the company plans to develop other interactive products for Paramount movie franchises.

The Mean Girls game will be released later this year. Oct. 3, perhaps?  

See an image from the game below.

Pocket Gems

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