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Famous dinosaurs, ranked from least to most scary

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In theory, dinosaurs are pretty scary: They’re big and they’re strong and they’re kind of a mystery. But not all pop culture dinosaurs are created equally, and some are downright adorable—Littlefoot, anyone?

On the occassion of Jurassic World’s release, here are seven famous dinosaurs ranked by how much terror they inspire.

7. Littlefoot, The Land Before Time
Littlefoot is basically the Corgi puppy of dinosaurs: He’s so cute that fans have unofficially dubbed him Lovable Littlefoot. 

6. Yoshi
Yoshi just wants to have good, clean fun—and he’ll protect you from enemies by eating them and pooping them out as eggs. 

Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

5. Rex, Toy Story
Rex’s main struggle is that he isn’t scary, and that’s true—to a certain extent. Yeah, he looks kind of silly with his stubby little arms, but he’s also a toy that comes to life. Outside the context of Toy Story—a delightful series of movies—that aspect of Rex is enough to warrant his own horror movie.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

4. Reptar, The Rugrats
Those red eyes! That purple tongue! Reptar looks both gross and menacing—just like any scary dinosaur should.

Image Credit: Mark Perlstein/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

3. Barney, Barney & Friends
Barney, for those who don’t remember, is a bit like the kid-friendly version of Bingo Bronson from that one episode of Broad Citywhich means he’s super creepy in a way that only dinosaurs summoned by kids’ imaginations can be. Watching him as a kid is fun, but now it’s just terrifying: If you think about it, Barney is essentially a hallucination—and, as a result, a very convincing “Don’t do acid!” PSA.

2. Indominus Rex, Jurassic World
Director Colin Trevorrow told EW that this dinosaur was “meant to embody our worst tendencies.” So that should speak for itself.

Image Credit: Everett Collection

1. Baby Sinclair, Dinosaurs
Babies are supposed to be sweet and cuddly. Baby Sinclair is neither: Just watch him banging a pan on his poor dad’s head screaming “not the mama!” and try not to be overcome with fear. Plus, it doesn’t help that he looks like a bald, reptilian version of Jay Leno.