Ariana Bacle
June 18, 2015 AT 03:08 PM EDT

Wax figures are creepy enough, but Arnold Schwarzenegger upped the fear factor recently when he donned his Terminator costume and makeup and pretended to be his own wax statue at Hollywood’s Madame Tussauds gallery.

Schwarzenegger started off the prank—which is raising money for charity—by walking around Hollywood and interacting with fans (and having an “I’ll be back”-off with a Terminator impersonator) before standing still in the waxwork’s place. “He looks real,” one woman says before Schwarzenegger suddenly moves: “Because I am!”

Most museum-goers react in terror—understandably—before warming up to the one-time governor for a photo op. See the video above, and see Terminator: Genisys when it arrives in theaters July 1.


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