Samantha Highfill
June 23, 2015 AT 06:46 PM EDT

Bachelor in Paradise might take place on a pretty beach, and it might feature some pretty people, but if season 1 taught us anything, it’s that only a handful of contestants would actually call it “paradise” by the end of their stay. (And with Ashley S leading the cast of season 2, it’s safe to assume the same for the show’s second go-around.)

Confirming that theory, ABC has officially revealed the first poster for the upcoming second season, which features the show’s new tagline: “Summer lovin’. Some are not.” It’s official: That’s the most honest thing anyone has ever said on any of these shows. It could only be more true if it read, “Summer lovin’. Some are not. And all are drunk.”


To see just how many are loving and how many aren’t, you can catch Bachelor in Paradise when it premieres on Aug. 2 on ABC.

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