Orange Is The New Black season 3 songs explained |


The real stories behind those amazing Orange Is The New Black end credits songs

'OITNB' music supervisor Bruce Gilbert takes us through the show's addictive tracks

(Jojo Whilden/Netflix)

Orange Is The New Black season 3 debuted this month on Netflix, and if you’re like the folks at EW, you’ve already binged your way through the introduction of Ruby Rose, Suzanne’s erotic literature and the panty brigade

As the season progressed, we were struck by the show’s musical choices. Stark tracks with obvious messages play at the end of each episode as the credits roll. Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” becomes Red’s anthem. Silent Norma reclaims power in Litchfield as The Byrds’ “Wasn’t Born To Follow” plays. And Nicky is knocked down a peg to the tune of Dum Dum Girls’ “Coming Down.”

“As was the approach in previous seasons, we wanted more than anything to have as much freedom as possible to place the perfect song in just the right spot without any obligation to stick to a particular style, genre or era,” the show’s music supervisor Bruce Gilbert, whose credits include Weeds and Transparent, tells EW. “The diversity of the characters along with the opportunity to visit many of them in their lives prior to being incarcerated allows us to do just that.”

Below, Gilbert explains the decisions behind his favorite songs used in season 3. (Some spoilers ahead!)


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