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@Seinfeld2000 picks the 9 'most LMAO'
episodes of Seinfeld

(Dan Zaitz/NBC)

Ever since joining Twitter in 2013, one man has relentlessly asked the question, “What if Seinfeld still on TV?” That man tweets from the handle @Seinfeld2000. The ongoing, multi-layered internet joke that parodies the Modern Seinfeld Twitter account with tweets in semi-broken English with persistent typos has since become a Twitter phenomenon.

Whether “Jary” would choose to “have iPhone6” over Samsung Galaxy or not, one thing is certain — this dude knows his Seinfeld. As the show hit Hulu in its entirety on Wednesday, we tasked @Seinfeld2000 with picking one episode from each season that you won’t wanna miss. Is your favorite episode not on his list? Too bad! Find a corner and shout to the Gods, “Serenety now!”


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