James Hibberd
June 23, 2015 AT 10:03 PM EDT

If you were born between 1961 and 1979, TV Land’s new logo (below) is going to captivate your interest. The image will speak to you on a deeply personal and generational level, with a sensibility that those who are Baby Boomers or Gen Y could not possibly understand. One glimpse and you’ll know that a cable network filled with reruns of The Golden Girls and Gunsmoke is your new home and reflects your programming needs. 

At least, that’s what TV Land seems to believe in an Ad Week story unveiling their new logo, which debuted on the network on Tuesday. 

“Our new logo, look and editorial voice are a part of a major overhaul of the TV Land brand itself,” TV Land marketing executive Kim Rosenblum told the magazine as part of the network’s campaign to edge away from older-skewing sitcoms and embrace “riskier” serialized programming. “The majority of our audience in prime time and weekends are now Gen Xers—vibrant, working adults who grew up on MTV and edgier shows. They demand and deserve a brand that is more connected to where they are today. […] We are a new TV Land for this new audience.” 

It’s true. This logo just brings you back to listening to Pearl Jam while looking for a copy of Reality Bites at Blockbuster Video, doesn’t it? 

Of course, one supposed Gen X trait is being sarcastic, so they probably should have seen this post coming.

Here are TV Land’s two previous logos, which Gen X apparently did not appreciate:

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