Samantha Highfill
June 24, 2015 AT 02:54 PM EDT

Sometimes, childhood is full of wonderful adventures and general innocence. Other times, you’re a part of an evil prophecy and there’s a demon named Toby who wants to steal your soul. It’s a toss up, really.

In the first trailer for the final Paranormal Activity film, now named Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, viewers are introduced to the Fleeges, the latest family to find themselves in demon Toby’s line of fire. Aside from finally revealing who Toby is, the film also promises that viewers, for the first time ever, will actually see the activity thanks to a handy old camera with some sort of special lens.

And of course, there are terrifying children, haunted VHS tapes, and all that good stuff.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension hits theaters on Oct. 23.

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