Jojo Whilden/Netflix; Anthony Behar/Sipa via AP Images
Uzo Aduba
June 25, 2015 AT 09:35 PM EDT

I’m pretty sure I never imagined myself calling a prison “home.” However, that’s exactly what the experience of being part of now a third season of, Orange Is the New Black has become for me. “It’s not racial, it’s tribal,” Lorna Morello imparts on Piper Chapman during her entry to Litchfield. And, somehow, I can’t think of a more prophetic statement to relate the experience of working on this show. 

We are a tribe. We stick together. We rally each other on the hard days, debate and challenge each other, and we push one another with the hope of trekking the road mapped out for us by our gifted writers.


When I watch the show, after I’ve made it past the initial shock this dream even happened, it feels like flipping through a really great photo album of some pretty awesome ladies. At work, I find myself in awe of people who are willing to dare as creative voices. On screen, I watch that courage reflected back. These wildly talented women constantly abandon fear long enough to ask the tough question, “What is the truth?” We’re not afraid to be messy or imperfect. We are afraid of being frauds. To watch the relentless desire to honor and explore that truth to journey’s end, after still three seasons, is what makes me love and respect this tribe.


I love these women.


There is a bond and a trust born out of our shared experience I could not begin to explain, nor am I confident could be thoroughly understood outside of our tribe. I imagine the uncounted women who have lived through what our characters can only dramatize might echo that sentiment.

I feel proud to work with such a group as this, and am excited to see how we continue to grow together in the seasons to come (which sounds bananas!). Or, better put, crazy (Eyes).

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