Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler do Really!?! on Late Night |


Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler reunite for 'Really!?!' on Late Night

Can Amy Poehler stick around Studio 8-G for a few more nights (or months)?

When the Inside Out star came on Late Night with Seth Meyers and reunited with her former Saturday Night Live co-star, the two decided to bring back one of their best recurring Weekend Update segments: “Really!?!? With Seth and Amy.”

Spurred on by tweets posted by a Sports Illustrated writer about women’s soccer (he later apologized), Meyers and Poehler went through all the reasons women’s soccer is not only worth watching, but deserves prominent placement on television. And as they so wisely argue, if you’re going to attack any form of soccer, attack children’s soccer, because who enjoys watching that?

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Note: Sports Illustrated is a part of the Time Inc. Network along with Entertainment Weekly.