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Will Robinson
June 26, 2015 AT 07:17 PM EDT

Sorry, Glastonbury festivalgoers. The festival announced early Friday morning that rapper/singer Azealia Banks would not perform Saturday. She will be replaced by Irish rockers The Strypes.

“Today I was put on vocal rest by my Doctor which is forcing me to cancel Glastonbury” Banks told Billboard. “You have no idea how frustrated and sad this makes me because I love the U.K and Glastonbury so much, you have all supported me from the early days and I was really looking forward to putting on an incredible show for you all, rain or shine!”

The big acts at this year’s Glastonbury have been rocky. The Foo Fighters had to drop out—Florence + The Machine replaced them—after frontman Dave Grohl broke his leg from rocking too hard, and Kanye West’s appointment was met with a petition. Don’t worry: The Who are still around.

Banks might not have been the sole big name to have to cancel their appearance. World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking reportedly bowed out of his appearance and speech at the Kidz Field Friday afternoon due to “personal reasons,” according to The Telegraph.

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