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Ariana Bacle
June 29, 2015 AT 06:58 PM EDT

Amy Schumer: comedian, actress, writer, and… future Bachelorette?

The Trainwreck writer and star appeared on an episode of the ABC show earlier this season, and fans—including Bachelorette producers—immediately expressed their desire for Schumer to be the next star of the show. But Schumer would only do it under some specific conditions that she revealed in an interview with E!’s Maria Menounos.

“They would have to say, that we will let you be yourself,” Schumer said. “I would keep it very real and I don’t know that that’s good for that show.”

She also noted that the casting process would have to be different—no more dads with five kids back home—and a lot of money would have to be involved. A lot. 

Watch the whole clip below.

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