Honest Trailer takes on Magic Mike | EW.com


Magic Mike honest trailer explores the movie's 'really dumb' Boogie Nights/'really smart' Showgirls story

With Magic Mike XXL hitting theaters this week, it’s only fitting that Honest Trailers would tackle the movie’s “way less fun than advertised” predecessor, Magic Mike

The Honest Trailer team might not be fans of the film’s focus on thong purchasing, stock market discussing, and loan applying, but they still find plenty to love about the movie. They learned, just as everyone else did, that the film will make you fall in love with Channing Tatum, even if he 1) doesn’t play a wizard, and 2) can’t complete a sentence in character.

They also come to the conclusion that, no matter how they felt about the first film, it’s difficult not to want to go see Magic Mike XXL. And for more on the sequel, check out EW’s cover story and review of XXL.

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