R.M. Guera
Clark Collis
July 03, 2015 AT 03:25 PM EDT

Writer Jason Aaron and artist R.M. Guéra are going really Old Testament with their new comic The Goddamned, which Image is premiering this November. “It’s set in the world of the Book of Genesis,” explains Aaron, who previously worked with Guéra on Vertigo’s acclaimed Scalped. “Everybody knows the story of the Flood, but what’s interesting to me is the world before that. It’s corrupt and out of control with violence.”

The main character of the ­comic’s first arc is the sibling-killing and, in this iteration, immortal Cain. “He’s very haunted,” says Aaron. “The story goes that a mark was put upon him, so we interpret that to mean that he cannot die, despite how much he wants to. He’s had to walk this world for over a thousand years and he’s looking desperately for anything that could possibly kill him.”

Although Aaron is an atheist, the Southerner was raised in the Baptist faith and is keen to point out he is not making fun of religion. “That said, this is not exactly the stories the way you got them in Sunday school,” he says. “This is more like if Quentin Tarantino was hired to do the remake of The Ten Commandments.”

You can see an exclusive first look at the (expletive-featuring) The Goddamned, below.

R.M. Guera

R.M. Guera

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