Tim Tronckoe
Will Robinson
July 07, 2015 AT 07:30 PM EDT

Twisted Sister is ending its 43-year career with a final tour next year and a documentary, We Are Twisted F—ing Sister. Singer Dee Snider will end his music career, too — eventually. But not yet.

Snider released a new song titled “To Hell and Back” on Tuesday, his first one in over 20 years. It debuted on Billboard before appearing on his personal website. “When my friend and co-writer, guitarist Nick Perri presented me with the riff and music bed for this song, I found true inspiration to write for the first time in decades,” Snider writes on his website. “Lyrically, the song raises a bold middle finger to those who whine and complain about the difficulties of life, but have no real clue what difficult is.”

The 80s-throwback single will be on Snider’s upcoming album, which will feature new and old material from Snider’s catalogue. Until the Twister Sister farewell, Snider and his band, Dee, can be caught touring this summer.

“To Hell and Back” is available to download on Snider’s site. Head to Billboard to hear more from Snider.

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