Jonathon Dornbush
July 07, 2015 AT 02:57 PM EDT

Trailers for No Man’s Sky have popped up over the last year and a half, offering brief glimpses of the game’s gorgeous visuals, its procedurally generated worlds, vehicles, and creatures. But we finally have our first extended look of what playing in the game’s expansive universe will look like.

Sean Murray, the founder of the game’s developer Hello Games, sat down with IGN to provide an extended demo of No Man’s Sky. Plenty of lip service has been paid to what the game is supposed to do — allow players to be walking on a planet on minute and exploring space the next in a seamless transition — but there hasn’t been an in-depth exploration of how the entire experience comes together.

Watch below as Murray explains the game’s scope, its land and space combat, its Grand Theft Auto-style wanted system, and much more from the PlayStation 4 and PC game. IGN will continue to reveal more about No Man’s Sky throughout the month.

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