James Hibberd
July 08, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Behold the Heroes hole! Tremble before its gravitational pull, San Diego!

Probably the most striking marketing installation set up on the Comic-Con streets (so far, anyway) is NBC’s big black Heroes: Reborn tube thingy in front of the Convention Center (more photos below). We’re told it marks the entrance for the show’s “activation center” exhibit promoting the fall revival of the super-powered limited series. Or….OR … this tower represents the metaphorical birth canal through which the original show’s heroes are Reborn? One of those!

The exhibit opens Thursday and will have all sorts of interactive wonders inside (it’s actually supposed to be pretty neat, something about a “4D experience,” though we’re not entirely sure what that means). And when it comes to meeting up at #SDCC this weekend, there’s at least one very easy landmark that anybody can find. Just tell your friends: “I’ll meet you at the Heroes hole!”  


A man boldly peers into abyss, which looks back into him:

The hold under construction: 

The full hole: 

A top-side view, revealing the main area of the activation 4D entertainment drum circle: 


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