Jonathon Dornbush
July 08, 2015 AT 08:23 PM EDT

Heroes fans won’t just have to tune into NBC to dive back into the TV show’s world, as two new tie-in games have been announced that will help expand the universe of the series.

Imperative Entertainment announced today that developer Phosphor will produce two Heroes video games, each with a different but interconnected story from Heroes creator Tim Kring.

Heroes Reborn: Gemini will be a first-person action game for game consoles and PC that tells the story of a woman named Cassandra as she attempts to piece together her past while dealing with her newfound powers. Heroes Reborn: Enigma is set for a mobile and table release and will also be played in first-person. Enigma centers on the powered-up Dahlia, who is striving to escape her imprisonment at a government-run facility known as The Quarry. 

Players won’t have to experience both games to enjoy their individual stories, but there will be characters, plot beats, and gameplay ideas that cross over between the two.

In an interview with IGN, designer Brad Santos said that the two protagonists are actually sisters. Santos went on to say the sisters have “very similar” powers, but did not expand on that point to retain some msytery for the game. A trailer is set to be shown at the Heroes: Reborn San Diego Comic-Con panel on July 12. For some early screens, head to IGN.

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