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Comic-Con 2015: Is Extant's Molly turning into an alien?

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Molly giving birth to an alien baby may be the least traumatizing thing Halle Berry’s character goes through on Extant.

As Molly and J.D. Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) investigate the mysterious deaths of other woman who appear to have been impregnated by aliens in season 2, Molly’s DNA seems to be altering itself, this according to a new trailer shown during Thursday’s Comic-Con panel. The effect? She may be turning into a human-alien hybrid just like her son—complete with the glowing yellow eyes!

“Our show really addresses evolution and who will survive and who will be the last people standing,” Berry says. “Who will survive? How will we evolve? It’s about something that could potentially, and will probably, affect all of us someday, is our evolution and what that might look like.”

Adds executive producer Mickey Fisher. “The aliens, A.I., and humans in the middle are all in this desperate fight for survival.”

The potential changes will pit Molly up against Tobias Shepherd (David Morrissey), who plans to use the new version of humanics, aka Lucy (Kiersey Clemons), as weapons against the hybrids. But seriously, when does all hell break lose and the robots start turning on the humans? Because that’s totally going to happen!

Extant airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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