Conan's Wolverine auditions try out replacements for Hugh Jackman, including Betty White |


Nick Offerman, Betty White and more audition to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine on Conan


Hugh Jackman has expressed his intention to step down as Wolverine, and it’s never too early to find someone to have adamantium fused onto their bones – in CGI, of course – for future films.

Conan “leaked” a few audition tapes for actors interested in replacing Jackman in the role. It appears the producers are casting as wide a net as possible, not limiting themselves to Jackman’s look for the new Logan.

Whether it’s Thomas Middleditch’s polite Wolverine, Patton Oswalt’s take with a penchant for jazz claws, or Kristen Schaal showing up for a Ghostbusters audition, it looks like we may get a very different Wolverine in the years to come. But it probably won’t be Michael Sheen’s James Bond copycat take on the character.

Image Credit: TBS

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