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Keith Staskiewicz
July 09, 2015 AT 09:19 PM EDT

Hello Whovians! The good Doctor won’t return to our timeline until this fall, when Peter Capaldi’s second season of Doctor Who lands on our television screens, and we know that’s making some of you feel like the girl who waited. Luckily for you and us, EW will be chatting it up soon with Capaldi and his companion, Jenna Coleman, who will be coming hot off their Hall H panel at Comic Con. 

We have a whole host of questions we can’t wait to try to make them answer about the Whoniverse past, present, and future, but right now we want to know what you want to know. What question marks are burning into your brains like a sonic screwdriver? What do you have to have addressed about the next season? What’s everything you always wanted to know about playing Doctor but were afraid to ask? Post your queries below and we’ll pose them to Capaldi and Coleman and, you know, get right back to you.

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