Amanda Michelle Steiner
July 09, 2015 AT 01:03 PM EDT

Has the Joker finally arrived in Gotham?

In an Instagram photo posted Wednesday, Cameron Monaghan teased a return to Gotham — and this time, it looks like the Joker may make his appearance in earnest.

Bearing a distinctly Joker-like grin and posing in front of a height chart like the one you’d find in the background of a police lineup, Monaghan, 21, kept the caption short and sweet: “#Gotham.”

The Shameless actor guest-starred on Gotham in its inaugural season, playing Jerome, a character that was not necessarily the Joker, but certainly “the beginning of the Joker saga,” as showrunner Bruno Heller told People back in February. “People will have to watch in the long run to see where this character goes and whether he is the Joker or not, but the whole show is about origin stories, and origins can be very complex and convoluted things.”

Fox was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

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