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Comic-Con 2015: Everything you need to know before the Archer panel


Before Friday’s Archer panel, here’s a refresher on the FX show:

Where we left off: At the end of last season’s two-part finale, Archer and his fellow spies literally (not figuratively!) blew the mind of the world’s greatest scientist and were blacklisted by the CIA. The good news? Sterling claimed to “have some thoughts” about what they could do for money. Wait, did we say that was the good news?

What we know about season 7: Not much, given the new run of shows won’t actually premiere until next year. But creator Adam Reed tells EW that fans can expect “another exciting season of sex, danger, and dangerous sex.”

Comic-Con burning question: What is Archer’s plan and how many black turtlenecks, Burt Reynolds references, and/or “genetically female” prostitutes will it involve? Also: when will bionic madman Barry (not to mention “other Barry”) come back?

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