Amanda Michelle Steiner
July 11, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Last season of The Walking Dead ended with Rick going completely off the rails — there’s just so much of a zombie apocalypse that a person can reasonably handle before they crack.

The cast dropped by the Entertainment Weekly Lounge at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday and essentially confirmed that Rick is not going to get better anytime soon: Indeed, he enters season 6 “coco-loco crossed with a little bit of bats— smeared with a side portion of really not well,” says Andrew Lincoln.

Meanwhile, his son, Carl, is actually on the up-and-up, says Chandler Riggs. It’s a bit of good news that is a little uncharacteristic for TWD, especially given that Carl spent the entirety of season 4 and part of season 5 teetering on the edge of a psychotic break. Carl believes that Alexandria is a safe place for him to be and so, with TWD‘s track record in mind, we can assume that things in the walled compound will get much worse, really soon. 

Check out the full interview above for more tight-lipped teases on what to expect when the series returns Oct. 11 and be sure to watch the bloody, unhinged, four-minute trailer here

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