Dana Rose Falcone
July 15, 2015 AT 03:49 PM EDT

Longtime friends Tina Fey and Amy Poehler joined Jimmy Fallon for a round of True Confessions on Tuesday’s Tonight Show.

First up, Poehler and Fallon attempt to uncover whether Fey was actually mistaken for a prostitute during a trip to Monaco. The 30 Rock actress recalls a vacation in the early ’90s when she and her cousin went to a “creepy James Bond” casino with “weird Europeans quietly gambling.”

“It’s hard because I feel like I know almost everything about Tina, but I don’t know her early years as well,” Poehler says after the minute of questioning ends.

The next rounds feature Fey and Poeheler learning about a time Fallon and a friend were robbed by a drug dealer with a sawed-off shotgun in college, and Poehler discussing the occasion in which she helped Yoko Ono cross the street. “She was in the middle of the street,” Poehler says. “Maybe it was an art project, but I don’t know.”

Check out the clip to find out who was telling the truth and which of the comedians were lying through their teeth.

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