Madison Vain
July 17, 2015 AT 07:45 PM EDT

Sometimes you have to just join the fight. Recently, DJ and dance music superstar Dillon Francis became aware of how many donuts are being abused, and made it his own social media-driven mission to raise awareness—or something. It all started with this Instagram, below.

Then he changed his Twitter name to Donut Francis. Then he founded the Donuts In Crisis Control activist group. Then he launched Then he started a social media campaign that his fans couldn’t get involved with fast enough. (Highlights include this tweet, this tweet, and definitely this tweet.) Not to mention the assault he launched on superfoods who just don’t realize how hard it is out there for a donut—same goes for cops who murder his donut brethren on the reg. 

Now, he’s reached peak #DonutGate and dropped a 14-minute short film that reveals why the cause is so close to his heart: He is a donut. Follow along on his mockumentary adventures while he falls in love with taco girl, launches the Donuts In Crisis Control, and plots a way to get back at his childhood friend whose turned into his archnemesis, Broccoli (played by comedian The Kid Mero). 

(Oh, his tune, “I Can’t Take It”, you hear in the background gets a Party Favor remix today—keep your eye on his Soundcloud.) 

Dillon Francis just announced he’s joining fellow genre heavyweight Zedd on tour through the fall. A list of dates are available on his website

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