Will Robinson
July 22, 2015 AT 08:19 PM EDT

Last week, we were treated to a pure gold poster for Empire‘s second season. Now Fox has released a first look at the new year of the hit show.

There aren’t actual lions in this promo, but all the Lyons are present. Season 2 pushes the theme “New Music, New Money, New Power, New Empire,” with shots of the hip-hop monarchy posed next to each phrase. A quick rundown:

New Music: Hakeem and Jamal are in the studio and playing at a #FreeLucious concert, respectively.

New Money: Cookie and ‘Mal look concerned with the new influx of dough.

New Power: Andre looks confident strolling through the halls of (probably) Empire Entertainment, and Anika is shockingly back.

New Empire: Lucious is still donned in his orange jumpsuit behind bars.

Oh, and for a half second we see Hakeem ride his Hovertrax as Cookie, Andre, and Anika merely walk.

Empire season 2 premieres on Fox on Sept. 23.

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