Amanda Michelle Steiner
July 22, 2015 AT 12:28 PM EDT

Following a hack which has threatened to expose the private profiles of nearly 40 million users of Ashley Madison — a dating site for people in relationships — Jimmy Kimmel asked kids to explain “adultery” on Tuesday’s instalment of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Thankfully, only one of the kids was nearly on the money, though we’re concerned about one little girl who thought that adultery meant becoming an adult … and that the best part about becoming an adult was drinking. (She’s not wrong, but …) 

Another little girl gets an honorable mention for having exactly none of the interviewer’s nonsense. Asked what it means to cheat on someone, she replied that “it means they’re cheating.” And what does it mean to cheat? “It means they’re not following the rules.” And what are the rules? “That you can’t cheat.”


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