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Jimmy Fallon explains how his U2 guest appearance went down


Jimmy Fallon made a surprise appearance during U2’s Madison Square Garden show on Wednesday night, and on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show, he explained how it all went down.

According to Fallon, the band reached out to him after he hurt is finger. “They were trying to cheer me up because they just fell,” he said. “Bono fell on his bike and he broke his wrist and his face. Edge just fell a couple weeks ago.” They invited him to come up and do a song when they hit New York.

They then instructed Fallon to make a sign, stand in the audience and wait for them to pull him up on stage. Turns out, Bono forgot all about Fallon because he was too busy Bono-ing, but after the Edge reminded him, the rest became musical-comedic history.

Watch Fallon perform “Desire” with the band:

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