Amanda Michelle Steiner
July 27, 2015 AT 01:36 PM EDT

There is a direct, positive correlation between aging and the enjoyment of parties — the older you get, the more parties become an obligation and an obstacle between you and your couch.

Thanks to Odd Mom Out, however, we now have the best early party exit ever devised by (wo)man. In an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode, Jill (Jill Kargman) finds herself overbooked and needs to duck out early from a N.A.C.H.O. (New Yorkers Against Childhood Obesity) gala in order to attend Vanessa’s (K.K. Glick) birthday party, which she will absolutely not throw at 9 p.m. (“I’m turning 40, not 25.”)

So, Jill decides to execute the “rule of three”: “I just put myself in front of the hostess three separate times. ‘Woohoo! Party rockin’! Soooo s—faced.’ And then, no matter how early I bail, she’d swear I closed the place down. Works every time.” 

Check out the clip below for more on the best advice you’ll ever receive:

Odd Mom Out airs Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET on Bravo. 

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