Emily Blake
July 28, 2015 AT 07:57 PM EDT

Rapper, thinker “MSFT” and quantum physics superfan Jaden Smith is open about the fact that he’s still trying to find himself, and most recently, he was wandering the streets of Matera, Italy, with a giant coffee mug in his latest video for “Scarface.”  

The video, which Smith debuted on his 490tx website, was directed by Hannah Montana alum and member of Smith’s mysterious collective MSFTS Republic, Moises Arias, according to Billboard.

The track, off his three-song EP This Is the Album, finds Smith exploring a few different flows. Last week, in a video promoting MSFTSrep, which describes itself on its website as “nothing – that has the potential to become everything,” the 17-year-old said he’s “taking bits and pieces of everything everywhere” to find his musical identity.

“How does a baby learn? A baby learns through mimicking… you have to look at everybody as a child. They have to be able to mimic their parents un-judged until they find themselves,” he said. “I used to mimic Tyler [the Creator], bro! I still do. Kanye, I still do. I have to go through that in order to understand, ‘Oh, this is me!’ I’m taking bits and pieces of everything everywhere and I’m creating myself.”

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