Jeff Labrecque
July 29, 2015 AT 07:51 PM EDT

In Vacation, which opens in theaters today, Ed Helms plays the Griswold who inherited his father’s passion for family togetherness. Rusty, his wife (Christina Applegate), and their two sons are trekking cross-country to recapture the childhood magic he remembers with his own parents. 

But his sister, Audrey (Leslie Mann), isn’t as sentimental about the good old days. She’s built a very different life for herself, married to a wealthy, well-endowed hunk named Stone (Chris Hemsworth), and staying as far away from family “fun” as possible. “What kind of a–hole would drive his family cross country?” Audrey cracks in the movie. 

Stone is the anti-Rusty, and in this exclusive slightly-NSFW character portrait, Hemsworth and the cast explain the tension that Stone brings to every interaction with his milder brother-in-law. 

[Correction: An early version of this story erroneously said that Audrey and Stone do not have children.]

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