The Daily Show: Jon Stewart reveals secrets, answers fan question |


Jon Stewart, threatened by his old movie roles, reveals fan-requested secrets about The Daily Show

(Comedy Central)

Jon Stewart answered a few burning questions submitted by fans about The Daily Show this week, and it only took the threat of an Arby’s enema to do it.

Daily Show correspondents Hasan Minhaj and Jordan Klepper were the ones to interrogate Stewart. Ever wanted to know what exactly Stewart is scribbling on his blue pages each episode, or how the cities on the globe at the beginning of each episode are chosen, and who he’d pick in a game of “F—, Marry, Kill” between Larry Wilmore, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert?

When Stewart was reticent to answer, Minhaj and Klepper were ready to threaten their boss with that Arby’s enema or a montage of Stewart’s acting roles (“I can’t act!”). Watch them take on that challenge in the clip below.

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