Amanda Michelle Steiner
July 31, 2015 AT 11:56 AM EDT

Move over, Jeff Foxworthy — fifth graders are no longer the standard of intelligence toward which Americans need strive.

On Thursday’s Late Late Show, James Corden invited guests Christina Applegate and Christian Slater to play a game called “Are You Smarter than a Whoopi Goldberg Impersonator?” Their shared opponent — a woman who embodies the View host to the extent that she refers to Goldberg in the first person — has been impersonating Goldberg for 20–25 years. 

Though not all of the trivia was Goldberg-related, there was one gimme that the Goldberg impersonator could not answer: What does EGOT stand for? (As it turns out, that “G” is tricky.)

Check out the full sketch above. 


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