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Madison Vain
August 03, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

U.K. electro phenom FKA twigs broke out in 2014 with her excellent full-length, LP1, and since then the dynamic performer has played major festivals all over the world, toured extensively and began her movement-based show, Congregata (which she brought to New York earlier this summer). Now, she’s released the first new track since LP1 via Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music.

Called “Figure 8,” the track premiered Monday as the newest “World Record.” She told Lowe she finished the song—which you’ll find familiar if you’ve been to a twigs concert since March when she first debuted the tune—and the EP that’ll house it at the end of last year. Which means, yes, this is just the beginning of twigs’ new music.

“‘Figure 8’ represents eternity,” she told the host of the track’s inspiration before detailing that she wrote it when she was “feeling quite sad and a bit lost” after LP1 dropped and the madness of touring and fame began.

She found gravity in vogue lessons in New York City, she said, and spoke of learning that every vogue dance move is itself a figure-eight. That feeling of eternity and endlessness comes across in the dark, swirling, electronic tune. She mixes handclaps, digital affectations, a frantic spoken-word backing vocal and a desperate bassline behind her soaring falsetto. (There’s also one hell of a moan from the artist.)

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