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Will Robinson
August 05, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Comedy Central has a podcast titled “The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart” that features a behind-the-scenes look with cast and crew of the flagship news program. But as the title indicates, Daily Show host Jon Stewart has never popped up — until Wednesday.

Stewart appeared with co-executive producer Adam Lowitt and executive producers Steve Bodow and Jen Flanz on the podcast and talked about the prolific 17-year run he had on the show, but through one particular lens: a culinary one. Really.

The quartet first dug in about a hot topic that was cured with an “executive decision” by Stewart. He opted for English muffins and removed Kaiser rolls as the go-to breadstuff for breakfast egg sandwiches. “It changed the dynamic,” Stewart says. “It was the biggest change in the atmosphere I’ve ever seen.”

When Flanz prepared to share an unpopular early morning food opinion, Stewart cut her off: “This better not be about bringing back the Kaiser roll, because I will stay here. That’s the one thing I’ve told Trevor [Noah] you cannot change.” 

The desk can go, but keep the English muffins. This goes on for the duration of the 26-minute program. Even when there was a chance of a non-comedic reply, Stewart shared this advice he “gave” his successor in Noah. “Get what you need, nourishment-wise. Give yourself a treat, decadent-wise,” Stewart says.

“But respect that your metabolism is not necessarily the metabolism of the room and that other people may want to make a protein shake without you standing behind them going, ‘Oh, look at f–king Richard Simmons over here! Hey, what’s up? What’s up spinach and papaya boy?’ “

Listen to the full podcast over at Comedy Central’s website and listen to the full rundown of Daily Show food opinions, including Stewart’s thoughts on peanut M&M’s: It’s perhaps the most offensive thing he’s ever said.

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