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August 07, 2015 AT 07:19 PM EDT

Each week, Big Brother host Julie Chen answers our burning questions about the previous week’s game play on the CBS show, which is back for a 17th season this summer.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was Clelli’s biggest mistake? Shelli throwing this week’s HoH comp? Keeping Austin and pushing the Sixth Sense towards the Jason backdoor? Were they just too close for comfort?

JULIE CHEN: Clelli had a few things working against them: If you’re a power couple (which they were), people will either be intimidated by you and want to tear you apart or they will be intimidated by you and follow you. Clelli’s downfall was James not giving a rat’s you know what about their power. James is rare in that he didn’t care about pissing them off and going against his word (which didn’t seem too genuine when he gave it in the first place). This here is Big Brother. Not a popularity contest.

A lot of people in Thursday’s episode were targeting Shelli. But the vote against Clay was unanimous. What turned the tide away from Shelli?

The tide was turned away from Shelli because this year the women are running the house, i.e. Shelli and Vanessa. Vanessa knew she had a better shot at bonding and working loyally with Shelli if Clay was  gone. If Clay stayed, it could have led to a bromance with Austin and Clay could have been a wedge between Vanessa and Austin. Plus, Clay fell on his sword for Shelli. He even convinced Meg to vote him out! And she seemed like she would have LOVED to have Clay alone minus Shelli. Clay did himself in with eyes wide open.

According to Clay, Meg has had “her fair share of showmances with pretty much everyone in this house.” Will we see all these showmances in a two-hour special episode?

I think Clay meant Meg has been flirting with everyone and not truly having showmances.  But I will look into it!

Can you tell the twins apart? And if so, do you have any helpful hints for the rest of us?

I cannot tell the twins apart! It’s driving me crazy! I think we need to chyron every time who’s who, even when they are just in the background.

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