Dan Snierson
August 10, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

A real Internet giant referenced a fake one on Monday. 

As you may have heard, Google has created a new parent company named Alphabet. And nestled deep inside a blog post by CEO Larry Page about this possibly important corporate restructuring was an easter-egg nod to Hooli XYZ, the dream-big division of the fictional absurd tech behemoth as featured in HBO comedy Silicon Valley — a company that happens to bear a certain similarity to Google. As Politico editor Alex Weprin discovered, if you click on the period at the end of the second sentence in the seventh paragraph of Page’s letter, you will be digitally transported to Hooli.xyz, the Hooli XYZ site that Silicon Valley created for ancillary laughs. (Page’s blog post, as it turns out, can also be enjoyed at abc.xyz.)

That magical sentence happens to reference Google’s own moonshot division, X lab, which, by the way, is hard at work on Wing, the company’s drone delivery technology. Kiko is keeping his bionic fingers crossed, as this will come in handy when he needs to order a state-of-the-art prosthetic arm when the old one wears out from, you know, just general use.

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