Clark Collis
August 10, 2015 AT 08:14 PM EDT

Filmmaker Allan Luebke‘s documentary Glena details the story, and the struggles, of Glena Avila, a single mother in her thirties who attempts to become a mixed martial arts cage fighter. 

“Glena had a great career, owned her home, has succeeded at being a single parent, and has risen above a pretty tragic upbringing,” says Luebke in his director’s statement. “What would lead her to risk it all — especially at 35-years-old — for a chance to become a professional fighter? I remember thinking that Glena could be my own mother, neighbor, co-worker…just an unassuming woman who unexpectedly stumbled across an amazing talent that she possessed and decided she had to pursue it no matter the cost. I love those kinds of stories, so the opportunity to make a movie about Glena’s journey was a dream come true.”

Glena will be released Tuesday on VOD. You can see an exclusive trailer for the film below.


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