Exclusive: Meet the finalists competing for a one-way ticket to Mars in 'Citizen Mars' trailer | EW.com


Meet the finalists competing for a one-way ticket to Mars in the exclusive trailer for Citizen Mars

Earlier this year, a group called Mars One announced that it had selected 100 candidates for a mission to Mars. The only catch? It’s a one-way trip. Now, a new Engadget docu-series is following five of those 100 finalists as they compete for the chance to help establish a permanent colony on the Red Planet.

According to Mars One, more than 200,000 candidates from around the world applied for the chance to be the first humans to set foot on Mars, and although the project’s feasibility has been criticized, Mars One maintains that they’re on track to found a permanent human settlement by 2027.

Candidates for the one-way trip range from a professional basketball player who works at a life insurance company in Cairo to a Cape Town quantum biologist. Over five episodes, Citizen Mars will spotlight a few of these hopeful astronauts and explore where they come from — and why they want to leave it all behind.

Citizen Mars will premiere Sept. 1 on Engadget.


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