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Jessica Goodman
August 20, 2015 AT 01:52 PM EDT

Taylor Swift is always down to give props to fans (like Ryan Adams) who cover her songs, and now she’s highlighted 7-year-old piano prodigy Jacob Velazquez, who plays an outstanding medley of tracks from 1989.

Velazquez was diagnosed with autism at age 4, and the foundation Autism Speaks tweeted out his video, which Swift retweeted. “I’m your biggest fan and I hope you can sign this for me one day,” he says while holding up a copy of 1989. “I hope we can jam and I can play something for you and it goes something like this.”

He then jumps into “Bad Blood,” “I Know Places,” “I Wish You Would,” “Blank Space,” “Welcome To New York,” and “Shake It Off”

“I sometimes sit with him at the piano and call out track numbers from her most recent album. Jacob will play the song that corresponds, without ever being taught the music notes,” his mother Tia wrote on Autism Speaks’ blog with a plea for her son to meet Swift. “Taylor inspires Jacob to keep striving to be his best.”

Swift saw the video and responded:

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